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Non player spells

FIXME This article describes spells that are not available to players and the symptoms of using these skills via DM commands. Information in this article may be out of date or no longer pertinent.


  • Several spells have a skill of ???? set in their archetypes, so they aren't on any of the lists above. What to do with those? Are they still valid spells in the game?
    • If a dm learns a spell with a skill of ????:
      • And then tries to cast and fire the spell, the result in the client is a message 'You need the skill ???? to cast <spell name>!'
      • The spell is listed in the cast command output in a group called ???? spells with level and sp stats displayed.
    • The spells with a skill of ???? are:
      • aggravation
      • charging
        • This spell appears in scrolls, and is used to add charges to wands and staffs.
      • create lava
        • A comment in the arch file indicates this spell is used by volcanoes and that it is not tuned for use by a character.
      • haste
      • heroism
        • This spell appears in potions.
      • polymorph
        • Converts a living object into another monster of some sort, or transforms an object to another type of object.
        • Polymorph is no longer used, and the others are spells which are never learned by players by are cast by some items/maps/monsters. For your script you should probably have it take into account which spells show up in which treasurelists (i.e. if players can learn them, what spell items they show up in, etc.)
      • regenerate spellpoints
        • A comment in the arch file indicates the spell is strictly for use in potions.
    • Looks like that's the next task; matching spells to treasurelists and adding a Found_In field of some sort.
  • Other non-player spells are:
    • cannon shell (no skill defined)
      • A comment in the arch states: used by cannons to fire spells. As such, most of the values aren't that meaningful compared to spells players casts.
  • Two spells, armour and iron skin have a path_attuned value of 33, which means they belong to two spell paths: 32 (Self), and 1 (Protection).
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