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Source Download Guide

This document outlines how to download the game source.

The source is available in 3 forms:

  • Trunk - This is the latest current development build
  • Tag - e.g. 1.60, 1.71 etc - The latest stable build
  • Branch - Split builds

*Nix Source Download Guide

To get svn:

sudo apt-get install subversion

To check out the latest source use the following commands


$ svn co server.svn
$ svn co maps.svn
$ svn co arch.svn


Here's how you download Tag and is using the 1.71.0 release as an example

$ svn co server.svn
$ svn co maps.svn
$ svn co arch.svn

Windows Source Download Guide


To access the latest version of crossfire from sourceforge, a Windows compatible tool to access the source files is called tortoisesvn which is available here.

The interface is built into the windows environment, to access the repository create a new folder such as “crossfire files” and right click on this folder. You will see the following option menu now available:

Select “Repo-browser”. When asked, use this URL:

After a short time you should now see a window with the current directory structure of crossfire.

You can now start checking out directories you are interested in. Note: that the branches (trunk, stable etc) are within these directories so do not check-out from the root directory unless you want to download _everything_. To checkout a directory simply right click and select checkout:

and then choose where to save the downloaded files:

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