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GTKV2 Client Connection

A step by step guide to connecting to Crossfire servers using the GTKV2 client.

  • Modern (trunk) servers using the client's character creation interface
  • Older (branch) servers using the in game maps (Halls of Creation) for character creation

Modern (trunk) Servers

FIXME - content with screen shots are a work in progress

Older (branch) Servers

FIXME - content with screen shots are a work in progress

1. Launch the GTKv2 Client - the exact steps depends on which OS you are using and how it was installed

2. In the Metaserver selection window, all the currently available servers are listed.

  • Servers with 1.12 in their version number are considered branch servers
  • Servers with 1.50 and higher in their version number are considered trunk servers

In this write up, we are connecting to a branch server

3. Left click once to select the server you want to connect to and then click the Connect button

You can also enter in a server name or ip address in the Or enter your own field for a server that is not in the metaserver list

4. Screen shot is focused on the areas of the client that you are interacting with for the character creation process.

First step is to enter in the name of your character; this is what other players will see you as from within the game.

In this example the character's name is: Benedict

5. Next, you will be prompted to enter a password.

  • Make sure to chose a unique password that is not used anywhere else
  • Make the password complex enough so that is not easily guessed
  • Make sure you remember the password

If you see a prompt to Please type your password again

  • This means the character name is not in use and that name is now use, so enter your password again

FIXME - what is shown if the character name is already in use?

6. You now are prompted to select character stats

Your stats are located at the top of the client

The random stats are a minimum of 3 and maximum of 18; highest numbers are listed first and then sequentially decrease after that

To roll again, hit the “y” key (you can reroll as many times as you want)

If you are pleased with the stat numbers presented, hit the “n” key

7. To swap stats, you first hit a number key for the first number and then hit a second number to swap that stat with; See the next step for the example:

  • S = Strength = listed first
  • D = Dexterity = listed second
  • Co = Constitution = listed third
  • I = Intelligence = listed fourth
  • W = Wisdom = listed fifth
  • P = Power = listed sixth
  • Ch = Charisma = listed seventh

8. In this example, we are switching Strength (S17, listed first) with Intelligence (I15, listed fourth). So I hit the “1” key to select strength and then hit the “4” key to select Intelligence.

When finished with the stat swapping, hit the “n” key.

9. You are now in the race select process. you can scroll through the options as many times as you like. The client will display game lore about the race as you cycle (press any key to advance, press 'd' key to play the currently active/displayed race) through the options.

The stats will also update to reflect the racial modifiers (bonuses and penalties), at this point it is possible for the stats to exceed 18 and also get reduced to 2 or 1 as well.

The order of races is:

  1. Dwarf
  2. Elf
  3. Fenx
  4. Fireborn
  5. Gnome
  6. Halfling
  7. Human
  8. Northman
  9. Dragon
  10. Half-Orc
  11. Quetzalcoatl
  12. Serpentman
  13. Troll
  14. Wraith

FIXME - Link to race summary and suggestions pages

When you have the race you want to play selected, hit the 'd' key and then hit the enter/return key as well

10. You are now controlling the character and you can use the arrow keys for movement, but it is recommended to use the numeric keypad because that gives you quick access to the diagonal movement keys.

Head south (down arrow, or 2 key on the numeric keypad) for in game instructions and other advice.

11. You will enter the class selection area. In the first step in each fenced hallway you get a description and summary of the class. Step on the yellow disk to make the final selection of that particular character class.

FIXME - map layout and class name and summary

12. After selecting your class, you are now teleported to a map called “Nexus” and have some choices.

  • Starting House - located due north (up) of your starting position, and this is a unique tutorial map for to learn about the game
  • Navar - located due east (right) of your starting position, this is a location in the game world that is slightly more advanced and for the more experience player
  • Scorn - located due west (left) of your starting position, this is a location in the game world that is designed more for new and lower level players. NOTE: you have to demonstrate some game knowledge proceed to Scorn.

If uncertain on what to do, enter the Starting House map.

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