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Fun & Humour

Server Events

Some funny anecdotes from servers occurrences …

The Great Famine of MajorWoo

From the server around 2007-nov-19.

A somewhat comical summary of a rather serious incident…

It started off as a typical day, with Orcs and Kobolds falling beneath our blades. The great wizard MajorWoo cast a powerful spell, as great wizards often do. Unfortunately, the great wizard had miscalculated the effects of his spell, and thus the Great Famine started.

The first thing we noticed was that the Orcs and Kobolds started attacking very quickly, and in huge quantities. A great number of heroes were slain in the first horrible few minutes, as monsters quickly took advantage of their new power. The wizard Majorwoo called for all heroes, who were planning to return to Scorn , to wait until he had figured out how to reverse his spell. Then the Great Famine began. Citizens who had just eaten moments ago began to fall over dead, apparently of starvation. There was panic in the streets, until several rich adventurers bought enough food to feed the starving citizens, and placed it all in a large pile in Scorn's central square. This helped some, but many were unable to get there before the famine overtook them.

Finally, Majorwoo managed to call forth the great wizard Leaf . Leaf quickly saw the pandemonium in the streets, and found out what Majorwoo's tragic mistake had been. He then spoke a quick incantation, and all was well again, and we, the citizens of Scorn, were once again left to clean up the corpses littering the streets.

Because of this incident, many have condemned the Chronomancers, the time wizards of the realm, to many a horrible fate. (…not that they weren't immune to trials by fire and Mana Blast and Godly Retribution…)

In other related news, the Scorn Tribune reports a stream of visitors to the Kitchen and the Olde Lake Country Inn all apparently stockpiling steak.



Mikee abandons ship

See also Crossfire Extended .

From the ChangeLog file of the maps package:

Seems there had been “gossip” on the Crossfire IRC,
and until year 2000 one would have laughed about it; at times, when the wording “Political Correctness” had not been invented yet … :

2006-02-04 06:49 mikeeusa
* go fuck yourselves lauwren and errac, here is the rest of my beautiful world, if the islamic jihadists can remove from the world men and women that deny their fellow man good obedient and young wives may they be victorious

23:33 < eracc> Speaking of mikeeee. Katia mentioned on private DM messages for metalforge that mikeeee said he had maps in the game in CVS that are anti-woman and one place where one gets a “reward” of a 14 year old girl in his maps. Anyone else know about this?

<lauwenmark> eracc: I think that if such a thing is in CVS, then it needs to be corrected - and the offender banned. That's pretty much the kind of insulting stuff that's disgusting me

2006-02-05 22:58 mwedel
* Remove last commit - improper commit. MSW 2006-02-05

Mailing List

Some funny anecdotes from the Crossfire Mailing list …

Here a fork, there a fork, everywhere a fork, fork...

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