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Skill Inscription

See also Writing .

This skill needs the literacy skill being possessed by the performing character .
All classes are in possession of the literacy skill, except the barbarians .

Additionally a Writing Pen must be available in the player's inventory.


When this skill is going to be applied, then a readable item to write into must be marked beforehand.
Common gravestones and signs are unfortunately not writable.

It is probably suggested, to use an empty book found in some dungeon:

  • mark book
    • Marked item book
  • rename <book> to <My Diary>
    • Your book will now be called My Diary.
  • mark My Diary
    • Marked item book

Use Skill

Syntax: use_skill inscription <message>


  • use_skill inscription 2018-04-05 Today Karl_ purchased the Great Room for his Lone Town apartment.
    • You write in the book.
  • apply My Diary
    • You open the book and start reading.
    • 2018-04-05 Today Karl_ purchased the Great Room for his Lone Town apartment.

Scribing Spell Scrolls

It is possible to create or scribe scrolls for prayers and spells of your choosing.

There is a high chance of failure when starting out or at a low level for this skill.

Collect and save as many low level scrolls as you can find (the level of the scroll, *NOT* the level of the spell on the scroll) - the lower, the better. It is also in your best interest to try scribing low level (i.e., Level 1) spells as well.


  1. Mark the scroll ('mark scroll or shift & middle click on the stack of scrolls)
  2. Get the spell ready that you want to scribe to the scroll ('cast minor healing)
  3. Use the inscription skill ('use_skill inscription)

If successful, you should see a message in regards to creating the spell scroll.

Ready Skill

Sets the range attack into the foreground.

Syntax: ready_skill inscription

Commandline example in- and output:

ready_skill inscription
You can no longer use the skill: punching.
You ready writing pen *.
You can now use the skill: inscription.
You stop using the writing pen *.
Readied skill: inscription.
fire west
You have no scroll to write your spell down
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