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Balance changes for next release:



Status .arc current change buff/nerf rationale
Committed R20466 Troll fire resist -30fire resist -15buff+30 cold is not equal to -30 fire! for a primary damage type -30 resist (+70 with perfect gear) is just too much to overcome later in the game and tends to frustrate newer players. Having a maximum of 70 fire resist is very punishing later in the game and the + regeneration does very little to overcome this (not to mention the spell regen penalty). While it's true that fire potions can help the cost seems too severe. A reduction of this penalty to -15 sees a more manageable maximum of 85 resistance.
Committed R20465Serpent mancold resist -50cold resist -20buffAs with the troll but even worse, a reduction of the penalty will see this race become a more viable option for players. The net balance of the gear changes looks like a nerf compared to standard races, given that boots (Idaten and levitation) and helmets (feather crown) are quite important items later in the game.
Spells & Attacks
Create food and create missilecreated items last indefinitelycreated items expire after a period of timenerf Add a time limit for summoned items (that increases with level) much like demon ichor.
Summoning treeBoring to level up and charm monsters is overpoweredA more progressive leveling experiencebit of bothThis spell school needs more diversity for levelling, it is painful to level up to charm monster and then ridiculous beyond. Add a spell called 'Carrion Beetles' that does pure physical damage and works like ball lightning. Add a spell called 'possessed weapon' that works like animate weapon but without the annoyance.
Faerie FireLights up monstersProvide some additional debuff, perhaps at higher levels?BuffThis spell is pretty useless in its current form
Red DeathParalyzes even the highest level monstersReduce movement speed by 1/4?nerfRed death works on any living creature to an insane degree. The damage can take out some of the most powerful monsters on its own, however it's the ability of this disease to reduce even the fastest monster to stationary that is its biggest asset. This coupled with the high infection rate makes light work of some of the toughest encounters in the game like no other spell or ability.
CancellationRemoves magic but doesn't adjust for item powerRemove magic but adjust for item powerbuffCurrently cancellation permanently removes magic (e.g. +4 becomes 0) but the item power is not accordingly adjusted (e.g. item power 4 becomes 0). This means that change is irreversible. Given the very limited resistance to cancellation this makes this attack type quite broken
MagicalAttached to all 'spells' but impact can be very unclearIncrease reporting on impact of magicbuffMagical attacks are unique in that the resistance to magic is factored before taking into account other resistance and subsequent damage dealt. This means that spell casters can be confused as to why their attacks are not working. This change increases the awareness of the player to what attributes are impacting on their damage.
Spell pathwaysSpells use particular pathways but very limited reporting available to playerImprove reporting of spell pathwaysbuffUsing the msg field in spells, players can be advised of what types of pathways are being used. This is preferable to automating the feature to enable fine tuning of the message
Committed R20468 The Defender-1 ac+1 acbuffFor a weapon called the defender, it is a little ironic that it reduces your defense. Probably a typo from the creator based on confusion in the way additional +AC reduces your overall AC
Ring of War+7 item power+13 item powernerfThis ring is absolutely astonishingly good for warriors and is the go to option even with its -30 magic resist. Given this, it carries a surprisingly low item power when compared with other best in slot rings (ring of the saint = item power +25).
God enchanted weaponsRetain use after switching godsPrevent usenerfCurrently players can switch freely between gods. While the days of loading a weapon with each gods powers are gone, the ability for players to pray up weapons under a desired god and then share them around seems problematic for balance.
LythanderAttacktype ConfusionAttacktype paralyzebuffThis may be a contentious one, but confusion is really a massive nerf of an attacktype and actually makes many monsters more dangerous. Not having any actual damaging attack type is pretty rough so giving paralyze (which is well resisted in a lot of late game monsters anyway) seems like a nice offset.
Lythander-30 poison-15 poisonbuffalready has -15 acid, add some incentive to make this god worth worshiping
Committed R20467 Gaea-100 fear-15 fearbuffBrutal and completely debilitating against most high level bosses who spray fear at high volume
Committed R20467 ruggilli-30 cold-15 coldbuffas in race nerfs, for a primary damage type -30 resist (+70 with perfect gear) is just too much to overcome later in the game and tends to frustrate newer players.
Committed R20467 Ixalovh-30 fire-20 firebuffas in race nerfs, for a primary damage type -30 resist (+70 with perfect gear) is just too much to overcome later in the game and tends to frustrate newer players. The cold resist is nice but can currently be achieved through a wide array of equipment
Immunity Many monsters are immune to a wide array of attacktypes Avoid using immunity and instead use high resistance level buff Immunity is completely debilitating in some circumstances for players. For example, magic immunity effectively entirely mitigates being a spellcaster. Instead wherever possible, monsters can carry very high resistance.
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