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techolous's Map Ideas

Various ideas I have for maps. I probably won't use all of them, so feel free to use some of them.

Small Quests/Dungeons

Frozen lake dungeon

:!:Work on these maps is being pushed to a bzr branch in launchpad: lp:~fuchs.andy/crossfire-maps/frozenlakedungeon

A small dungeon accessible only during the Season of the Blizzard that would yield a rare alchemical ingredient (blue/color ice?).


  • A melee weapon with cold attack
    • create snow/ice under attacked objects?
      • the created objects could weaken monsters vulnerable to cold?
      • the created objects will 'melt' after a short amount of time
  • various ice/cold related potions

Clock Tower dungeon

A mechanized dungeon using artificers_wars and the_clockwork_hunters as backstory.


The dungeon would be blocked by a large gate resembling a gear. After solving whatever puzzle is needed for entry, the gear would rotate until a hole in it reaches the ground, thus opening.


Various mechanisms that could be used in it.

Elevator Blocks

A block that raises/lowers a player (a gate that doesn't affect objects on top of it?). It can be used as a normal gate, or as an elevator, taking players to other elevations.

Mechanical Systems

Systems of gears, that have to be turned (levers/buttons) in the right way to function.

Windup toys

objects, when applied/triggered/pushed, move in one direction until they hit a wall. Still not clear on how these could be used.

Party quest

A dungeon/tutorial for the party system.

Players are greeted by a (most probably insane) NPC. The NPC says that the players are about to throw a party, but they must use the party system and collect items to do so. The NPC will give instructions to the players regarding the party system and on what items have to be collected. After the items are collected and brought back to the area the NPC resides in, a party is thrown.

  • Access to the dungeon will be denied, unless they form a party with a minimum amount of characters in it.
  • A player should only be able to do the quest once. Further conversations with the NPC would reference the thrown party.

Starting Areas

The idea that starting towns can be setup for each race. Interesting quests/tutorials can be setup.

  • introductory quests probably should be instanced per character


Your' friend stops you from passing until you face him in a archery contest. You must then go through the area to obtain a bow and some arrows before coming back to try the contest.

  • bow and arrows will be in different locations, letting us lead the player through more tutorials
  • player may come back for an archery minigame


Ideas for items.


Names from wiki lore

There are various 'spirits' mentioned on the wiki, that could be used to name spells

CF of Days Past

I have been thinking of making a mapset set in the past of the current world. It would be influenced by the lore on this wiki. Maps could easily be shared between this map set and the standard one.

Interesting wiki articles

Various random ideas for this map set

  • possible changes to the magic system, to promote crafting trades (alchemy) and prevent 'ultimate weapon' type spells from being used too often
    • require items to regenerate mana
    • no player spells, potions could be used for a similar effect
  • bombs should be an item
    • like potions/balms/dusts
    • apply an inactive bomb and an active bomb is created on the floor
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