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Imperial Post Office in Scorn

Map of Scorn IPO

Location: Next to city hall in the northwest quarter of town.
Level: Any
Requirements: Literacy skill (see below)
Special threats: None

The Imperial Post Office gives player characters ways to communicate with each other publicly or privately, and even send each other items.

Message Board

Use the message board (the sign in the middle of the room) to leave messages which can be read by anyone. Stand on the sign and say “help” to see the available commands. Use it to post “help wanted” ads, “for sale” notices, party invitations, or anything else your character has to tell others.


To get any mail you might have received, open the mailbox in the northwest corner of the room. If you have received a scroll or package, you'll find it inside. When you login to the server, you should receive a notice if any mail is waiting for you.

To send mail, say “help” to Colette (behind the counter next to the mailbox) for instructions, and read the Manual on the table on the other side of the room. To send mail, you'll need the literacy skill, a pen, and a blank message scroll (all of which may be purchased from Colette).

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