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The Old City of Scorn

It is said that Scorn, as we currently know it, was built on an older version of itself, now buried underground.

When the colony of Skorn was founded by Skud, the whole west was infested by dragons and wyverns. The imperial armies successfully fought the monsters, pushing them back on the other side of the mountains, and kept a vigilant guard to ensure that the huge monsters wouldn't sneak in and attack their settlements.

But there are always men who think they're smarter than everybody else. Enteranni the Red was one of those men. Trying to take control of Scorn for himself, he decided to unleash a couple dragons against the city, after which he'd banish them and be seen as a savior. But so blind and thirsty of power he had become that dragons easily tricked him. His plan failed, and the flame of the dragonbreath destroyed Scorn (More details here).

When dragon were finally vanquished, Scorn was rebuilt on top of its own ruins. The Old City of Scorn is now a dark, forgotten maze of crypts and halls infested by vermin of all sorts. Rumors say that some treasures from the glorious past of the city still sleep there, waiting to be found. Who knows ? Maybe it is true, after all.

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