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This is the comprehensive TODO list for Crossfire. It is in table format for easier reference/updates. This should probably replace the other TODO lists on the wiki, since this data is largely redundant with that.

This list is organized in target version and then priority, so it becomes easier to see what should be done in what order.

Project/Feature Target Release Priority Status Component Developer
Performance Improvements - Server has performance issues, especially related to losts of spells 1.x 1 Completed Server mwedel
Metaserver improvements - Current metaserver has many limitations 1.x 2 None Server & Client
Archetype Cleanup - Clean up the Archetypes. 1.x? 1 None Archetypes
Fix Weather - Fix and improve the weather system. 1.x 2 Completed/Planning Server
Pupland - Move pupland onto the world maps 1.x? 2 Coding Maps lalomartins?
Protocol Compression - Compress client/server communication 1.x? 2 Planning Client/Server
Experience Rewarder - Add experience rewarder object 1.x and 2.x 2 Done Server/Maps Ryo
Map Cleanup - Clean up maps, remove old hacks, etc 1.x? 3? None? Maps
News Paper - A newspaper that highlights interesting events on the server (script based) 1.x? 3? None Server/Maps
Auction House - Place to auction items. 1.x? 3? None Maps/Server?
Races as Treasurelists 1.x? 3 Planning Server Mhoram
Fancy Generators 1.x? 3 Coding Server Mhoram
Server error handling - how server should handle different critical conditions 2.0? ? Planning Server
Rename Binaries - Binaries should be renamed 2.0 1 Completed Client/Server Rednaxela
Improve Client UI 2.0 1 None Client
Quest management system - Track, and provide information about quests. 2.0 1 Implemented, used in various quests already Server/Maps Ryo and cavesomething
New Character Creation 2.0 1 Planning Client/Server
Game Balance - Problems with game balance 2.0 1 Open Server/Maps saru & partmedia
Fix Experience Table - Fix experience curve compared to death penalty 2.0 ? Planning Server
Server code Cleanup - Find, and fix redundant and unused code. 2.0 1 Planning Server
Refactoring - Refactor object-type specific code to be more organized. 2.0 1 Planning/Coding Server Rednaxela1)
Race & Class Changes - The races/classes within crossfire are not different enough 2.0 1 Planning Server
Fix/Revamp sound - Fix and improve the sound system. 2.0 2 None Client/Server/Maps
Better NPCs - Better NPC communication 2.0 2 None Server
Smarter Monsters - Monsters should attack/defend more intelligently 2.0 2 None Server
Revamp lighting - Improve Lighting/LOS code 2.0 2 None Client/Server
Time of day based events - Stuff happening based on the time of day. 2.0 2 Planning/Coding Server/Maps Tchize
Make Slaying Consistent - Add does_slay() instead of having different code sprinkled through server 2.0 2 None Server
Change Player Speed - Low level players move too slow, high level players move too fast 2.0 2 None Server
Material type improvement - Material code should be improved 2.0 2 None Server
Centralized Map Passwords - Passwords on maps should be stored centrally, making them easier to change 2.0 2 None Server & Maps
NPC Syntax Highlighting - use extended tags to make npc messages easier to understand 2.0 3 None Maps
Discrete attack damage - add dam_fire/dam_cold, etc 2.0 3 Experimental Maps/Arch/Server
Land Plots - Allow a player to purchase land and build on it. 2.0 3 Planning Server/Maps Rednaxela
Ambient Music - Background sounds and music. 2.0 3 Experimental beginning Client/Server/Maps
Buildable shops - Allow a player to build and run shops. 2.0 3? None Server/Maps
Unified event system - Use a unified event system for plugins, item types, and callbacks from common to server 2.0 3? None Server
mapdiff - diff/patch scripts optimized for cf maps 2.0 3 None N/A
Artifacts & Treasurelists - new artifact handling 3.02) 2 None Server/arch
Fatigue - Add fatigue to the game 3.0 2 None Server
Thread the Server - Make the server multithreaded 3.0 2 None Server
Player Economy - Have player buying/selling influence economy 3.0? 2 None Server/Maps
Improved Player Communication - Allow chatting between servers, and connections just for chatting. 3.0 2 None Server
Player Clothing - Change player image based on clothing/equipment 3.0 3? None Server/Client/Arch
Python Guilds - Update guilds using existing Python Guild scripts 2.0 2? Coding Maps leaf
In-game monster information ? ? Talks Server
Python Estates 1.x? ? Planning/Coding Server kshinji ?
Functions implemented but not yet used 2.x ? to be used server
  • Project is a brief summary of the project.
  • Target release is when it is hoped the feature will completed.
  • Priority is important of the feature - 1 being highest priority.
  • Status is current state of project:
    • None - other than being listed as something to do, no progress has been made.
    • Planning - Discussion/layout of the project is in progress or has been completed.
    • Coding - project is currently undergoing actual coding (or map making, etc).
    • Testing - project is complete, and typically committed, but is undergoing testing for balance, stability, etc.
    • Completed - project is committed and no additional work is planned on it.
  • Component is what portion of crossfire the change affects - server, client, editor, maps, archetypes
  • Developer - person currently working on this. Update this if you work on a project.
1) others should also contribute to this refactoring once the framework is in svn
2) Why is this targeted to 3.0? IMHO there's no reason it couldn't be done in 2.0 provided someone did it by then. — Alex Schultz 2006/09/20 20:18
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