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Crossfire BOT Zebulon the Greeter

Zebulon is a permanently logged in Greeter, likely made by Ragnor .
You can find him at the metalforge server.

This is what he prints to the player, when tell Zebulon help is issued :

Zebulon tells you: 
I'm a bot. I know about the following topics:
- Explain: I can explain item and monster properties.
- LearnDb: Teaches me information.
- Suggest: I'll pass a message to my master.

Zebulon tells you: 
- Tell: Makes me pass a message to somebody.
- Greetings: Tell me how you want to be greeted.
- Help: Explains the commands I understand.

Zebulon tells you: 
- Arena: Notify about arena fights. Try 'help arena' to learn available sub-commands.
Use 'help <module name>' for detailed help; example: 'help greetings'.

Using Google Search for crossfire BOT Zebulon I could only find this hit :

And maybe Zebulon (Ragnor's bot) could actually give statistics, if needed.

From the crossfire mailing list in December 2009


'tell Zebulon spoiler <item_name>


  You tell Zebulon: spoiler holy ring of valriel
  Zebulon tells you:
  Holy Ring of Valriel:
  This is a ring.
  Zebulon tells you:
  Properties include: (Wis+5)(Cha+3)(Pow+5)(magic+5)(resist magic +50)(resist electricity +50)(resist confusion +100)(resist drain +100)(resist fear +100)(resist blind +100)

Telling the BOT Seer last Ragnor
told me, that that was last logged in in October 2016.

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