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Skill Fishing

This skill is implemented since version 1.11.0 of the server .
This skill is only available through a skill tool named “fishing pole” .
The archetype name of the fishing pole is fishing_pole .

There is no treasure list, that contains fishing_pole, as there are for lockpicks and flint_and_steel,
making it unavailable to the average player as random find in dungeons. Fishing poles are available in one shop right now, Sargas's fine fishing supplies in Darcap.
A Dungeon Master can get himself such a fishing pole by the DM command create :
create 1 0 fishing_pole .
Noteworthy though, that items with too much magic+ tend get negative weight.
Items that weight 0 or less, are not pick-able any more, when dropped on the floor.
+9 would be the maximum for enchanting a fishing pole in this case.

The only archetype that contains some harvest-able fish is “shallow_sea” , which has a light-blue face,
and is usually found at ocean's coasts on world maps.
All other water archetypes do not contain fish as treasures: lakes, rivers, ponds.


Applying the fishing pole puts the fishing pole into the foreground of the range attack line
in the client as Skill: fishing pole ; to be fired then afterwards by firekey + directionalkey .

Syntax : apply fishing pole

Use Skill

Only useful on shallow_sea tiles, that do not block movement.
The shallow_sea archetype by default has move_block all set ( old no_pass 1 );
so only a DM is able to apply the use_skill command successfully.

The fishing pole has to be applied beforehand,
a fishing pole in the un-applied inventory does not get automatically applied.
Using this skill without having applied the tool beforehand would print
to the server's logfile :

18/04/07 14:26:54 [Error] do_harvest: tool fishing without harvest_[race|tool|speed] ( :?: BUG ? )

Syntax :
apply fishing pole
use_skill fishing

The shallow sea tiles provide fish as random treasure:
Some shallow sea tiles do not contain fish at all, saying
“You can't %s anything here.”, skill→slaying ;
as it would say for all the many other ground tiles, as for grass, trees, cobblestones.

When a shallow_sea tile contains fish as treasure, than the message for success is
“You %s some %s”, skill→slaying, item→name
and for failure
“You fail to %s anything.”, skill→slaying .

Ready Skill

Sets the skill into the shoottype range foreground as Skill: fishing .

This works also for a normal player, to fire the skill onto a direction of a bordering shallow_sea map tile.

Readying this skill needs the fishing pole being applied beforehand to be of any usefulness.

Syntax :
apply fishing pole
ready_skill fishing


Fishing is a specialized skill of type harvesting

The skill is internally called SK_HARVESTING :

  • #define SK_HARVESTING 38 server/include/skills.h
  • Function do_skill() in server/server/skill-util.c calls
    • do_harvest() in server/server/c_misc.c


This skill is unavailable to a normal player on the current Metalforge server v1.12 svn r17660 .

An entry from the CHANGES file of the arch package :

food/fish.arc: Make the item fishing_pole work (this item is not found on any
map currently). The fish in shallow_sea inventory didn't have harvestable set.
Arvid Norlander 2009-03-04

See also Crossfire Traffic March 2009

Server Version 1.50.0: Works.

Server Version 1.60.0: Works.

Server Version 1.70.0: Works.

Read Also

See also the skills Use Magic Item
and Lockpicking , Inscription , Praying , Wizardry for other skill tool deployments.

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