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Developers and Active Community Members

This page is intended to help others map between different people's names on the mailing lists, IRC, SourceForge, Launchpad, the wiki, and more. For privacy reasons, please don't add anyone other than yourself.

Full Name Wiki IRC SourceForge Launchpad Website Roles
Aaron Baugher mhoram Mhoram aaron_baugher
Alex Schultz rednaxela Rednaxela qal21 rednaxela
Anthony Wyatt buzzsaw buzzsaw
Arvid Norlander anmaster anmaster anmaster anmaster
Austin austin Austin`
Brendan Lally cavehippo cavesomething brenlally
Chris Gregory neodeno neodeno neodeno
Christian Hujer Cher christianhujer
ChristopherPH ChristopherPH Cloak ChristopherPH
Craig Kelleher skate3241 skate3241
Dany Talbot Cybersoft Cybersoft crystalmir
David Delbecq tchize tchize tchize
David Hurst saru saru
David Slimp rock808 rock808 rock808
Gene Alexander eracc eracc
(hosts cfbot on #crossfire)
James Lopeman meflin meflin
Jason Wright Tecslicer tecslicer
Joshua Wilson majorwoo majorwoo majorwoo
Karla Stenger katia kstenger kstenger
Ketche Ketche
Kevin Bulgrien kbulgrien kbulgrien kbulgrien
gtk-v2 maintainer
Kevin Zheng partmedia Partmedia partmedia
Kipps draugthewhopper DraugTheWhopper nckipps
Kurt Fitzner kfitzner Fortiscue
Reven (forums)
Lalo Martins lalomartins lalo lalo lalo.martins Content leader
Logan Perkins Alestan alestan
Maarten Vanraes alien AL13N alien999999999
Mark Wedel mwedel mwedel mwedel Project leader
Mats Rauhala MasseR
Michael Rogato michael Elshar/Meznev
Nicolas Weeger ryo ryo_ / Nicolas ryo_saeba
Pablo sadpestilence
Raphaël Quinet raphael raphael (gimpnet),
RaphaelQ (freenode)
quinet raphael-gimp
Rick Tanner leaf Leaf rjtanner Metalforge admin
Ruben Safir mrbrklyn mrbrklyn
(runs xchat at al)
Simon Côté simonraven simonrvn simonraven
Tony Harrison webstrand
Yann Chachkoff gros,

Package Maintainers

Full Name IRC Distribution/OS
Kari Pahula kaol Debian
Ketche Ketche Mac OS X (PPC-X11)
Ketche Ketche SPARC Solaris
Kevin Zheng Partmedia FreeBSD
Michael Thomas _wart_ Fedora
Nicholas ryo_ Windows
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