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This is a general TODO list for the crossfire project. As brainstormed by Rednaxela, and techolous on irc.

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Development TODO List

This page contains a list of things that are being worked on, or may be implemented in the future. And a place to discuss in depth how a particular feature or change will be implemented.

An other place to check out would be the tracker.

General TODO

Dump information about large projects and ideas here.

  • Should this be broken into “pending” and “proposed” categories?

Major Releases

  • Crossfire 2.0 - List of things to do before the big 2.0 release

CF2 Roadmap

Current ideas:

To be documented:


Stuff that needs to be fixed, seriously overhauled, or improved

Feature based:

Completely new stuff, players will probably notice these.


  • Plugin_Logger - Fix the logger plugin, and possibly add more features to make it useful on small machines. It can latter be used for stuff like the News Paper, and placing server statistics on a website.
  • Land Plots - Allow a player to purchase land and build on it.
  • Buildable shops - Allow a player to build and run shops.
  • News Paper - A newspaper that highlights interesting events on a server (implement with a script)
  • Player Clothing - Actually show what the player is wearing, allow them to modify their appearance.
  • Time of day based events - Stuff happening based on the time of day.
  • Player Economy - Let players have more influence on the economy. Need fail-safes to prevent runaway inflation (smart npc shops), etc. (will probably need more players to make this work…)
  • Quest management system - Track, and provide information about quests.
  • Companions - Player-owned monsters, behave (mostly) like pets, but longer-lived.
  • Random Name Generator(script) - Generate random names, for objects, and monsters.


(many of these have a server component, but they're primarily client features)

  • Ambient Music - Background sounds and music.
  • Revise Character Creation - Redo character creation, probably with fixed points instead of random, may be in game.
  • Improved Player Communication - Allow chatting between servers, and connections just for chatting.
  • Joystick support, maybe, if someone has a few hours to throw away ;)


  • landforms - The naming of various landmarks and features in bigworld (should it be done, or left until someone uses one area?)
  • Auction House - Place to auction items.
  • Bigworldify Pupland - Move pupland onto the world maps
  • Fix up and relink Kandora - Kandora was left out of the conversion from smallworld to bigworld. It is now one of the many residents of the unlinked directory of maps. I think it would be nice if someone fixed up these maps, and reintegrated them into the game.
  • Finish the quest set for Forgotten Town.


Things more related to the internals of the game, that players won't ususaly notice.

  • Updated map sending protocol - New method to send map information to the client. Could allow for more layers, and move more animation to the client side to save bandwith.
  • Convert maps to use the Quest management system. - Quest tracking
  • Better NPCs - Make NPCs smarter (memory, track conversation instead of just matching a phrase)


Things that someone should look at and simplify.

  • Game Balance - stuff currently in the game that seems to effect balance, and probably should be discussed
  • Map Cleanup - Go through the maps and take care of broken mechanisms and aesthetics. Also simplify and convert old hacks if they are obsolete.
  • Server code Cleanup - Find, and fix redundant and unused code. Simplify other things.
  • Archetype Cleanup - Clean up the Archetypes.


Interesting half-baked ideas.

  • Ship War Arena - Arena fight, but with with ships. Need some way for transports to have their own ranged attacks.
  • Tron-like Arena - An arena like those tron games, utilizing transports

User's TODO

Links to the TODO lists of various people working on this project.

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