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Spell categories

Spells fall into two main skill categories: Wizardry spells and Prayers.
Casting wizardry spells requires spell points and the applicable skill for each spell.
Casting prayers requires grace from a god and the praying skill .

Spell paths

Most spells also belong to a Path ;
and players may be attuned, repelled, or denied a particular path
by their race , class , or god .

Spell Paths
Abjuration Creation Death Detonation Electricity
Fire Frost Information Light Mind
Missiles Protection Restoration Self Summoning
Teleportation Transference Transmutation Turning Wounding

Spell details and more information about the skills needed are at the following links.

Learning Spells

To learn spells, players must posses both the applicable skill - being at least same skill level as the spell,
and the literacy skill .
A characters skill level in literacy must be no less than 10 levels lower than the desired spell
(e.g. a level 20 spell requires at least level 10 literacy to learn).
Blessed spellbooks can be learnt 5 levels earlier than regular books.
Cursed books remove spell points or grace and unlucky players can actually forget a spell.

Characters aren't guaranteed success in learning a spell, rather a character's chance to learn a spell is:

% chance to learn = (base chance + (2 * level))/1.5

Base chance is based on your Intelligence (INT) for wizardry and Wisdom (WIS) for praying .
Each stat point has the following impact on the base learn chance:

# Stat Points % Base Learn Chance
<3 0%
3 1%
4 2%
5 4%
6 8%
7 12%
8 16%
9 25%
10 36%
11 45%
12 55%
13 65%
14 70%
15 75%
16 80%
17 85%
18 90%
19 95%
>19 100%

- While being blinded, learning a spell will always fail, except for a DM .
- While being confused, learning a spell will always fail, even for a DM.
- Spellbooks received by Character Creation as starting equipment
will not fail to be learnt but will not give exp points.



  • Old: apply_spellbook() in server/server/apply.c
  • New: spellbook_type_apply() in server/types/spellbook/spellbook.c


  • All information retrieved from the archetype files in the SVN repository, or from the Spells section of the main Crossfire site.
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